5 Main Things To Look For Before Buying A Skateboard Helmet

Playing mini longboard is very fun. One type of skateboard is no less to become a favorite of skaters. Well, to play skateboard yourself several things must be considered, one of which is a helmet. Helmets are one of the must-have protective gear for skateboarders. This is to avoid your head from being seriously injured if you accidentally have an accident while skateboarding.

If you want to buy one of these skateboarding safety tools, you must pay attention to several main things before deciding to bring a skateboard helmet home. These include the following five points:

1. Buy a certified helmet
Just like buying a motorcycle helmet, you also have to pay attention to certification if you later buy a skateboard helmet. Certification on a skateboard helmet indicates that the helmet is safe and suitable for use. At the very least, the skateboard helmet that you buy must be certified by the American Society for Testing Materials.

2. Buy a helmet that fits the size of the head
Make sure the helmet that you buy later really fits in your head; neither too loose nor too narrow. Then consider also the chin strap on the helmet. Make sure the helmet strap isn’t too loose and isn’t too choking on your chin. Choosing a helmet and strap that fits your head can make you safer when skating later.

3. Choose a helmet at an affordable price
Price is the next thing you should consider. Adjust the price of your target skateboard helmet with the financial budget you have. Do not force yourself to buy a helmet at a price that is too difficult to reach, so that the contents of your wallet are not tight because of it.

4. Helmet ventilation and color
Choose a vent and helmet color according to the weather where you live. For example: if you live in a hot area, you can buy a skateboard helmet with lots of ventilation. The amount of ventilation will help keep your head cool, even if you are in a hot area.

5. Comfort
Before deciding to buy a skate helmet, you can ask permission from the helmet seller to be allowed to try the helmet that you want to buy. This was done to test the extent to which the helmet was comfortable in your head. If it feels comfortable, you can make the helmet as an item that you buy. If not, you can look for other helmets that are more comfortable.

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