Criminal investigator or detective

Detective and criminal investigators can have diverse levels of education, from a high school diploma to a college degree or advanced. Competition for jobs in State and Federal agencies is enormously competitive. Detective and criminal investigators who are most capable will have the best job opportunities at police departments. The best opportunities for detective and criminal investigators will be for those who are bilingual as well as college trained in police science or with military police experience.

“Private detectives and investigators offer many services for individuals, attorneys, and businesses. Examples are performing background checks, investigating employees for possible theft from a company, proving or disproving infidelity in a divorce case, and helping to locate a missing person.” Read More here

Criminal investigator or Private detective

Private detectives and investigators provide private investigative services to gather information. Private detectives investigate information to solve mysteries and reveal details. Private detectives and investigators offer security services, pre-employment screening, and examine peoples’ backgrounds. Some investigate identity theft, cyber harassment, and copyright violations.

“Private detectives and investigators search for information about legal, financial, and personal matters. They offer many services, such as verifying people’s backgrounds and statements, finding missing persons, and investigating computer crimes.” Read More here

several private detectives/investigators with particular academic and practical experience also work with defense attorneys on capital penalty and other criminal defense cases. Many others are insurance investigators who investigate doubtful claims. Here you can read about the Criminal investigator or detective.