Google Advertisements Benefitting Everyone

Google Advertisements

Google advertising is one of the techniques which you can used to expand your business. In this way you can find new customers. Google Ad Words is the world’s biggest and most commonly used online advertising platform. And with the help of advertising on Google, your business can easily reach on a potential level.

GAVIN HEATON at is telling us more about Google adverts in this post:

Google advertisements soon to know you better

The Internet giant will start tapping into your reviews, recommendations, and endorsements in their search results

MONDAY, OCT 14, 2013

A couple of years back, Facebook changed their terms of service that allowed your images to start appearing in contextual advertisements offered across the social network. More recently, they announced plans to remove a feature that allows people to prevent their names being found in search results. This means that those using Facebook can now be found by strangers (or by past friends, lovers, enemies) simply by using Facebook’s internal search tool.

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Furthermore Google advertising is an amazing marketing approach for small business owners. You can easily display your ads for your business; this is beneficial for those who are searching for your type of business.

How you can easily advertise on Google:

Whenever a consumer searches for a phrase, Google will show number of relevant ads based on a phrase used in a search. Additionally it is related to how much you bid, Google will easily takes into account and shows those ads which are relevant. There are numerous benefits of Google advertising. You can also reap those benefits and put your efforts to good use. is highlighting the connection between these ads and mobile apps:

Google advertisements to soon link within mobile apps

24 Apr 2014 , 08:52
San Francisco: Google will allow marketers to run online ads that send consumers to a page directly inside a mobile app, furthering the Internet company’s effort to extend its multibillion-dollar advertising business to smartphones.

The new advertising feature helps Google bridge the gap between the traditional public Web pages that have long underpinned its search business and the increasing number of standalone, mobile apps popular with consumers. Mobile apps, which are dedicated to everything from restaurant reviews to online games, have typically been walled off and difficult for Google to integrate into its search engine results.

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Consumers have buying intentions:

If we compare Google advertising with the facebook marketing, you can easily set a geographical location that you want to show on your ads. This is the best advantage of Google advertisements and it is totally different from any other type of advertisements.

This video by yutubemedia shows how to put these ads on your website:

You can also earn money with the help of Google advertisements. On the other hand Google also uses a pay per click advertising model.