It’s The Scientific Explanation Of Possession Phenomena

Psychiatry professor Dr. Richard Gallagher, based on his experience of caring for patients possessed for decades, believes that the real possession is man-made and not as we often see it. For example, because that person does the Satanic or occult covenant, then he does good, he is attacked and oppressed by something unseen so that he acts unreasonably as an attempt to “save” himself. From a cultural perspective, possession is not just an experience, but also part of human behavior and beliefs. Ferracutti’s research (1996) has revealed that those who have strong beliefs in religious values are more prone to possession, and that is intentional. However, if your possession problem is caused by unexplainable incidents, we suggest you try remove black magic service in your area.

For example, in a possessed ritual for entertainment in southeast Asia, researchers in the United States found the function of sounds such as music or accompaniment of drum beats proved to play an important role in keeping the mediums awake and conscious, even though it was also used to induce possessions.

Medium (intermediary) or possessed person, may be aware of the existence of his body – or not at all, even hear the sounds around, but all feels very far away.

The reason is that possession is related to an altered state of consciousness (ASC). So, it’s not really lost control of the body and mind.

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