Scented Candles for a Tasteful Home

Scented candles have always been very popular for home decoration because they give an essential, personal, luminous and warm touch to any home. Whether traditional or more modern in their style, they will definitely be a perfect addition to any room in your beautiful home. In this article, we’ll help you decorate your home with scented candles in a way that best reflects your personality. So, let’s start beautifying your home and treating your senses!

Types of Home Decoration with Candles

Candles are a great way to give your favorite room some warmth and light style. However, you cannot use a random candle for every room. If you want to decorate your home the right way, you must learn a little bit more about different types of candles. There are different types and classes of candles that will fit for each, but not every occasion.

Glasshouse candles are a type of decorating candles and they are the most modern ones you can find on the market. They come in many forms and shapes, making it look like anything but candles. They are a perfect decoration piece that will best match your living room.

Candelabra candles are perfect to use with a candelabra. They will give your living room a classic and sophisticated style. These candles have a classic elongated shape, and they come in different sizes. They can also be a great accessory to your dining room or even hallway, depending on your style. Similar to candelabra candles are column or pillar candles. They are bigger and thicker than others and they often require a larger base. They are very popular in contemporary decoration.

Yankee Candle is similar to tea candles, and it will set a perfect tone for romantic dinner on a terrace or patio. These candles are small and they last only about four to six hours. However, they are great for decoration because they come in multiple colors and fragrances, making them ideal to scent the air and set the mood for a particular (or special) occasion.

Floating candles are also very similar to tea candles, but they can be used in water-filled containers or even small lakes and pools. They don’t give much light, but they are ideal for creating romantic mood and lightly illuminating the space. Since they are romantic and relaxing, they are mostly used for wedding ceremonies. If you have a spacious backyard, you could use them occasionally when organizing some outdoor event or preparing a romantic night.

Decorating Ideas with Candles

For a special dinner, a romantic evening or a big event or holiday (such as Easter or Christmas) use candles as a centerpiece, but also decorate the center with a candelabrum or a tray filled with flowers. Candles can also be combined with some stones or even water, if you have the floating type. Column candles are great to decorate a table – get different sizes and colors and play with them by placing them in some particular order. Add some dry flowers for a more beautiful centerpiece.

To make your living room, terrace or patio cozier, put candles in vases and lanterns or hang them in cups and mugs. Another great idea for shelves, tables or furniture is to fill a glass vase with stones and finish it at the top with tea candles. You can also fill it with water and add floating candles for a sensational effect.