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3 Important Things When Choosing A Shower

In addition to saving land, it turns out the use of check my site can help save water up to 50%. However, not everyone knows about how to choose the right shower considering how to bathe each person is different. Therefore, here are 3 important choices that you must determine when you want to choose a shower!

1 Hand shower or Fixed Shower
First of all, you have to determine the type of shower sets that will be installed in the bathroom whether in the form of a fixed shower or hand shower. A fixed shower is a type of shower that is embedded directly in the bathroom wall or ceiling, while a hand shower is a type of shower that is more flexible so that you can operate it according to your needs when bathing by hand.

If you want a more practical shower your choice may have to fall on a fixed shower, but if you need a shower massage in some parts of the body, a hand shower can be your choice.

2 Spray Power That Can Be Regulated or Constant
Not only varied in shape, but the shower also has many variations in terms of spray power or shower water. Starting from the type of water spray that is smooth to heavy though. Therefore you need to determine whether the shower you want to install should be able to adjust the type of spray or just normal.

3 Equipped with Anti-Lime or Ordinary System
For this one choice, maybe not many of you know if water also has mineral content that often leaves sediment or is known as limescale when it flows into a pipeline or shower. Therefore, for health reasons, choose a shower that applies an anti-lime system to each showerhead to reduce the proliferation of bacteria/germs that settle.

So, you already know that you don’t have to consider when choosing a shower to accompany your bathing activities. Whatever the choice, find the need for a shower ranging from fixed variants to hand showers, has a choice of spray types that can be adjusted or not until that can ensure you stay healthy.