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The Importance Of Omega-3 Supplement

The fish oil best multivitamin for women is indeed proven to have many benefits, such as providing stimuli that can later help the brain develop little. For some children who have developmental problems, giving fish oil has also proven to be effective. For some children who have ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), consuming fish oil can reduce some of the characteristics of ADHD, such as lack of focus. However, not all children are experiencing progress like this. Some children who have difficulty reading also have found rapid progress in their abilities after consuming fish oil. Consuming fish directly is better because fish have a nutritional source other than omega-3. To get a good omega-3 intake, it is recommended to eat fish at least once a week.

The mercury problem also makes many parents reluctant to give their children fish too often. Besides, most children are reluctant to eat fish because of the fishy smell. Well, one way to get omega-3 besides consuming fish is to take fish oil supplements. However, remember, no research states that the benefits of consuming fish directly and supplements will be the same. Unfortunately, sometimes there are obstacles to giving fish oil, you know! The obstacle is usually in the form of the child’s reluctance to try the fish oil. That’s because fish oil usually has a fishy odor.

However, some brands add a fruit flavor, so it is preferred. For starters, maybe fish oil with that flavor can be tried. As parents, we must also be careful in choosing fish oil products. Most fish oils have now changed the manufacturing process to be cheaper by not using natural vitamins A and D and replacing them with synthetic versions. We also need to know that not all children can be given fish oil. Children with hypersensitivity to fish oil are not advised to take it. So, it is better before buying fish oil, consult with your pediatrician who usually treats your child.