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Symptoms Of Abnormal Vaginal Discharge And Herpes In Female Reproductive System

The female genital disease is often asymptomatic, which means no symptoms. But it can also develop and be marked by the appearance of vaginal discharge or lumps or sores that can be accompanied by itching and pain in the area of ​​the sex organs. To find out more clearly what is in your reproductive system, immediately go to the OBGYN Centre Of Excellence.

Generally, female venereal disease is caused by a sexually transmitted infection. Besides, other conditions such as dermatitis caused by allergies or irritation can also be a cause.

Symptoms arising from various types of female venereal disease may not be realized by sufferers. The following female venereal disease and its symptoms that need to be known:

• Leucorrhoea is not normal
Normal vaginal discharge is useful in moisturizing, cleaning, and preventing vaginal infections. Normally, vaginal discharge will be clear or white with a slightly runny texture, rather thick, and sticky.

However, if the vaginal discharge is greenish, grayish, or yellow like pus. Even when mixed with blood spots, this might be a sign of a health problem in the vagina.

This abnormal vaginal discharge is usually accompanied by an unpleasant odor, swelling or redness, itching to burning, pain around the lower abdomen, and pain during intercourse.

When experiencing abnormal vaginal discharge and followed by other symptoms such as fever, fatigue, abdominal pain. As well as frequent urination and weight loss without cause immediately consult a doctor.

The causes of this abnormal vaginal discharge vary, often as a sign of inflammation in the vagina (vaginitis) and the mouth of the cervix (cervicitis). Thus this can be influenced by bacterial, protozoan, and fungal infections.

May be related to a condition known as bacterial vaginosis, vaginal candidiasis, or sexually transmitted infections such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, and trichomoniasis.

• Herpes
Women are more prone to sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) herpes. Initially, the patient may not feel any signs of herpes infection. If someone has been infected with this virus, the virus will still live in the body, even though the virus might be in an inactive state.

In women, the herpes virus can spread and enter through the mouth, labia, vagina, and also injured skin. Transmission of herpes can occur if there is direct skin contact, including sexual activity both vaginal, anal, or oral, with sufferers of herpes.

Signs of being infected with the herpes virus are experiencing flu-like symptoms and fever followed by pain in the muscles and joints, the surface of the skin in the infected area will feel itchy. Then it becomes hot like burning accompanied by pain.

Having abnormal vaginal discharge can be accompanied by headaches and urination painful. Then followed by the emergence of fluid-filled reddish fluid, or sores around the vagina, buttocks, groin, and / or in the area around the lips and mouth that grow in groups.