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Help Children Learn About Environment With Bee Decorations

Children need space to learn, be creative, and explore safely and comfortably. This room can be designed to meet all their needs when playing. The playroom should also be separated from other rooms, such as bedrooms. Apart from the fact that space is different from other rooms, not mixing it also makes all toys and books neatly stored. You could also teach children to learn about bees with the Use My Bee you use in the room. Children could learn why bees have many benefits. One of them is to find out the environmental quality benchmarks in an area in good condition or not. This way, children will have room to play whilst learn about the bees.

The presence of bees could be one of the entry points in sustainable development. Currently, researchers are working on developing various bee potentials. Many benefits can be taken from the presence of bees. Not only honey but various other benefits, especially in sustainable development related to the environment. With learning more about bees, children could understand why we need to protect the environment to control the bee population because if its decline then environmental damage will be inevitable. The chain of benefits is not only honey but also economic, ecological, empowerment, environmental sustainability aspects. At least talking about bees and honey becomes an entry point for sustainable development.

There are many tools and services developed to help bees survive. One of them is Smart Apiculture Management Services (SAMS) is an international research project under the EU Horizon 2020 ICT-39 program. However, the technology transfer needs to be adjusted so that it can be accepted by the community. The focus is not merely on technology but on the bigger impact for our community. One of them is through business development through the potential of bees and honey produced. The trick is to develop several products such as drinks produced by honey beekeepers. Bees have an important role in environmental sustainability. Because through bees we can know whether the environment is damaged or not. Bees are a measure of environmental quality. If bees stay longer in the environment then the location is good. Because the bees do not stand still when water is polluted, dirty air. If (bees) stay, it means good environmental quality. Helping children learn about this will start a better impact on the environment.