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There Are Some Goals Of Durian Tree Pruning

From several stages in the cultivation of durian fruit plants, the maintenance stage has a very important role in supporting plant growth and influencing the level of production. Maintenance of durian plants must be intensive and sustainable in nature so that the plants produced can have superior quality. Some maintenance that can be done includes watering, proper and balanced fertilization, pruning, replanting and thinning of fruit, and prevention of pests and diseases. If maintenance is carried out intensively and continuously then the results that will be obtained will certainly be satisfying. Not only in terms of fruit quality but also quantity. However, if you aren’t experienced in pruning a durian tree, we suggest you hire the North Charleston tree company.

Of the factors that affect the quality and quantity of durian, crop pruning is one form of maintenance that can be done to improve plant quality. Pruning durian plants is cutting the plant parts both roots, twigs, shoots, and branches of the plant get the desired goal.

In principle, pruning is done to remove the branches or branches of trees that are not useful, stimulate the emergence of vegetative shoots on branches that were previously bearing fruit, while controlling excessive plant growth so as to support continuity of production. Branches/branches that need to be pruned are small branches that are not useful and if the trunk is most likely likely to die, then cut the branches before dying by itself, it applies to all sizes of small or large trees.

The goals of pruning durian trees are as follows:

– Pruning is done to reduce the stems that interfere or if it is not too important.
– Pruning can accelerate plant growth.
– Pruning is done so that the growth and yield of plants are optimal.
– Pruning can help speed flowering. Because most of the flowers will grow in the branches that we prune.
– Pruning can also facilitate plants in absorbing plants.
– Pruning is also done to simplify plant maintenance.
– Pruning can help plants form new crowns that are better.