What Does It Take To Become A Licenced Builder?

Even though you’ve always had a thing for constructing and fixing things, there are certain qualifications and skills you need to acquire if your plan is to start a career as a builder. If your true desire is to pursue this career, there are a lot of things you need to know about acquiring licenses and qualifications. If you don’t have a proper registration, your career as a builder will only be a dream.

A builder’s job is to construct and repair buildings and houses, alter existing buildings and give them some new meaning and purpose. You may also be in charge of designing and submitting plans to your local councils, managing the building crew and being in charge of organizing material delivery. In case you haven’t known, Australia has a lot of requirements and regulations that must be fulfilled so you can start working as a builder. The Building Services Registration Act 2011 has determined that only a registered building contractor is entitled to engage in various construction projects. The mentioned act consists of two categories: building contractor and building practitioner.

So how do you become a builder?

Do you know what it takes to obtain the Builders licence? In case you’re not familiar with the procedure, it may seem a bit complicated in the beginning, but once you make the first step, it’ll only be easier as you progress.

The first step is to complete the online registration form, and you can look for this for on the VBA website (Victorian Building Authority). It’s important to mention that you already have to know for which category you’re applying before filling out the form. Next, you’ll have to prepare and send a lot of documents. The requested documents are the essential part of your application, and they may be different, depending on the category you have chosen. You’re also allowed to send copies, but you need to make sure that they’re certified.

It takes some time before the application period is over, but after that, some examinations will be waiting for you. The testing process consists of questioning your both theoretical and practical knowledge. You better prepare yourself, because, in order to pass this exam, you need to have minimum 70% of the test completed. And that is not all. A face-to-face interview is what comes next. It’s crucial to make a good impression during this interview and to prove your proficiency in various subjects such as building work management, material delivery, building technology, and legislation. If the whole interview ends up well, and you prove that you’re an appropriate candidate for the requested license, it’s necessary to make sure you have the insurance.

As already mentioned earlier, the process of getting the Builders Licence VIC seems complicated in the beginning, but as you move forward, every next step becomes easier. Once you’re done with all the above-mentioned tasks, it takes some time to hear what the Building Practitioners Board has to say. Keep in mind that before you start this journey, inform yourself on every aspect of the matter so you can start chasing your dream prepared.